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Facial Hair-Removal Manicure-Pedicure Nail-Care-Safety Specials

Here at La Bella Nail Spa Salon, we offer skin care treatments that use the finest products and ingredients formulated by Dr. Murad. Not only will your skin be glowing, but your senses will be refreshed and your mood uplifted after a facial treatment at our spa. A facial every 4-6 weeks is not only going to help your skin look and feel more youthful, it will also be an integral part of your personal self-maintenance regimen. All of our facials are deep pore cleaning and customized to fit your skin type. All facials include neck, shoulder and facial massage to give you the ultimate pampering experience.

Murad Classic Facial - 70 (60 mins)
All the classic steps done thoroughly and beautifully. Customized Cleansing treatment, the Murad Massage Technique, mask, and hydration- to leave your skin glowing and your spirit relaxed.

Teen Acne Facial - 60 (30 mins)
This facial is developed specifically for youthful skin problems, this soothing treatment deep cleans pores, clams redness with our unique combination of antiseptics and anti-inflammotories, and hydrates to balance young skin. Immediate improvement after a sing treatment but for longer-lasting results, We recommends a treatment series.

Deep Pore Purifying Facial - 90
Thorough removal of impurities clears the pores and leaves the skin feeling soft, clearer and well hydrated. To soften the surface and make extraction easier we begin by systematically layer warm cleansing mask onto the skin. Extra time spent on extraction and purification.

AHA Rapid Exfoliator® Facial - 98 (60 mins)
AHA Rapid Exfoliator® Express Facial - 60
(30 mins)
This facial diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging renewed skin health. Concentrated glycolic acid exfoliates away dead skin cells to reveal a softer smoother complexion underneath. When performed in a series, your aesthetician will safely and gradually increase the percentage of glycolic acid with each treatment. This accelerates the improvement in your skin’s texture, tone and appearance.

Clarifying Enzyme Facial - 85 (60 mins)
Clarifying Enzyme Express Facial - 60 (30 mins)
A professional strength acne treatment is scientifically formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes while soothing redness and inflammation. This results-oriented facial combines exfoliating natural fruit enzymes, antioxidants, and hydrating agents to open clogged pores for deep cleansing and extraction without irritation.

Clarifying Enzyme Back Treatment - 80 (30 mins)
Clear clogged pores to reduce "acne" breakouts. Exfoliating enzymes dissolves dead skin cell debris, leaving skin disinfected, smooth, and healthy.

Environmental Shield Vitamin-C Infusion Facial - 98 (60 mins)
Vitamin-C Infusion Express Facial - 60 (30 mins)
Our most popular facial for those experiencing sun damage and pigmentation. The environment may take a toll on your skin, but now you can fight back. This facial delivers pure vitamin C directly into the skin for maximum results. This antioxidant-rich treatment restores clarity, texture, elasticity, and firmness, while fading pigmentation and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. See immediate results in just one treatment.

Redness Therapy Facial - 85 (60 mins)
The breakthrough treatment soothe and neutralize. Rosacea-like redness and sensitive. This facial involves no steam or extractions, allowing sensitive skin to benefit from the application of two deeply calming facial masks. This facial feature unparalleled antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to cool skin on contact, instantly alleviate redness, and restore hydration, leaving your skin looking and feeling calm.

Resurgence Renewal Facial - 100 (60 mins)
This luxurious, medically advanced dual-mask facial is perfect for anyone experiencing the effects of hormonal aging, such as loss of elasticity, breakouts, and dryness caused by menopause, per-menopause, pregnancy, or your monthly cycle. You will see and feel an instant transformation in your skin. Regain radiance, hydration, and elasticity.

Diamond Dermafiling - 125, Series of 6 - 650
A non -surgical procedure that has become one of the most desirable means for overall skin beautification, rejuvenation and "resurfacing" creating healthier looking, smooth and radiant skin.

A skin polishing and resurfacing tool made of stainless steel and finely crushed genuine diamonds.
This file will lightly polish the skin by hand, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and leaving velvety smooth, fresh, rejuvenated skin. Our Aesthetician has total control over the process, allowing varying levels of the epidermis to be safely removed. It is a very effective tool for treating aging and sun damaged skin, scars, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines and enlarged and clogged pores. Please click here for before and after photos.

Indian Head Massage- 45 (30 mins) *New Addition

Addition - 15
Add a special rejuvenating treatment on the décolleté and a Murad Eye Renewal Mask.

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Additional Services:

Lash Extension - 185 and up
Eyelash extensions started in Asia and made their way West. Not to be confused with the self-stick false of the past, these semi-permanent, synthetic extensions are bonded on one by one by a certified eyelash technician using tweezers and adhesive.
The application takes about 90 minutes, 25-35 extensions in varying lengths are bonded to individual hairs. The lashes stay on for up to 2 months depending on your lash growth/shed cycle.
They give the eyes an instant lift with out any needles or injections, allowing you to wake up with the look of mascara without the smudging .

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Lash Tinting - 30
Brow Tinting - 20

Other Services:

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Manicure and Pedicure:
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