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You probably think wax is just wax, well here at La Bella Nail Spa Salon, we believe different, that's why we use a wax that's formulated for your skin type. Our waxes are low temperature, less sticky than the normal wax, and contains anti-irritants which results in more enjoyable results of your smooth skin. Our aesthetician has the quickest, most effective, comfortable techniques to keep your skin silky smooth and hair free.

Lips or Chin - 10
Brow Maintenance -20 and up
Brows Design (Shape & Tweeze) -25 and up
Forehead -20
Sideburns - 15
Under Arm - 20
Half Arm - 30 and up
Full Arm - 55 and up
Stomach - 15
Shoulder - 24
Chest - 40 and up
Back - 50 and up
Bikini Plain 35 and up
Bikini Extended 40 and up
Bikini Brazilian - 55 and up
Bikini Touch-up - 35 and up
Half Leg - 40 and up
Full Leg - 60 and up
Full Leg and Bikini - 85 and up

Because of your safety, waxing services cannot be performed on clients who are taking Accutane, Retin A, or any antibiotics. Please allow 24 hours before sun bathing or using tanning bed after waxing, as your skin may still be sensitive.

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Additional Services:

Lash Extension - 185 and up
Eyelash extensions started in Asia and made their way West. Not to be confused with the self-stick false of the past, these semi-permanent, synthetic extensions are bonded on one by one by a certified eyelash technician using tweezers and adhesive.
The application takes about 90 minutes, 25-35 extensions in varying lengths are bonded to individual hairs. The lashes stay on for up to 2 months depending on your lash growth/shed cycle.
They give the eyes an instant lift with out any needles or injections, allowing you to wake up with the look of mascara without the smudging .

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Lash Tinting - 30
Brow Tinting - 20

Other Services:

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Manicure and Pedicure:
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