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Anti-Aging Environmental Shield Resurgence Internal-Skincare Acne Advanced Performance Skincare
Redness Therapy Vitalic Suncare

For every skin concern there is a Murad Professional Treatment performed by a Murad trained licensed aesthetician at La Bella Nail Spa Salon.

Take skincare and healthcare to the highest level, as you experience immediate, dramatic and long-lasting results.

Anti-aging   Anti-Aging (Ageless Resurfacing)  

Get used to looking younger with Murad's Anti-Aging treatments. Created to target normal aging controlled by enetics, these advanced formulas resurfaces and restore resilience on the outside while rebuilding cellular structure, firmness and elasticity on the inside. And Murads Anti-Aging treatments to any skincare regimen to dramatically decrease the signs of aging and magnify the signs of youth.

Environmental Environmental Shield® (Rescue Stressed Skin)

Rejuvenate your skin from the stress of everyday modern life. Infused with Murad's patented Skin Repair System, along with pure Vitamin C, lightening ingredients and powerful detoxifying antioxidants, this comprehensive treatment system delivers results, Repair, protect and purify skin damaged from exposure to sun, smog, pollution or stress. Say "goodbye" to age spots, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, uneven tone and wrinkles and great luminous, healthy, beautiful skin.

Resugence Resurgence® (Restore Balance)

Over 50 million women are experiencing the effects of hormonal aging. A decrease in collagen levels, loss of elasticity, lackluster tone, facial hair growth, and increased blemishes are skin symptoms associated with the decline in estrogen production. Resurgence® is the first comprehensive skincare regimen designed to control these symptoms with a combination of plant-derived phytoestrogens, hair growth inhibitors, blemish fighters and antioxidants, plus firming and conditioning agents to restore vibrancy to the skin while helping it stay healthy and balanced.

Internal skincare Internal Skincare® (Great skin from within)
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Support your external skincare regimen with daily internal supplements and provide your skin with the maximum potential for health and beauty. Designed to address the most common skin concerns of his patients – wrinkles, acne and sun damage – Dr. Murad’s internal Skincare® formulas contains a complex of vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential amino acids, antioxidants and detoxifies that have produced breakthrough results in independent clinical studies. Each Murad internal Skincare® Supplement delivers the most long-lasting comprehensive benefits for the skin and body.

Acne Acne (Clear Skin)

Nearly everyone experiences acne at some point in their life. Genetically determined and hormonally influenced, acne is caused by three factors: Cell build-up, Excess oil, and Inflammation. Murad Acne products are proven to address ALL of the factors of acne and skin breakouts – reducing cell build-up, excess oil and inflammation without dehydration or irritation – while also providing the optimum environment for skin to heal itself.

Take a step toward healthy, acne-free skin with the most advanced, scientifically proven acne solution.

Advance Performance Skincare Advanced Performance Skincare (The Best Basics)

Whether your skin is normal and combination, or dry and sensitive, Murad’s Advanced Performance Skincare line is targeted to address all of your skincare needs. Patented, time-proven formulations, featuring our Advanced Performance Complex® are designed to lock in moisture, accelerate cell turnover, and maintain skin health and balance while addressing signs of premature aging. When used daily you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in your skin’s clarity, elasticity, moisture level, and firmness.

Redness Therapy Redness Therapy™ (Redness Relief)
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Today over 14 million men and women are experiencing Rosacea like redness and inflamed, sensitive skin. Many millions of other experience redness from a number of other causes. Redness Therapy™ is a breakthrough combination with other advanced ingredients, strengthens the skin’s barrier to restore hydration and immediately reduce redness, while cooling and claming inflamed skin on contact for maximum relief.


Vitalic (Energy Enhancement)


Early morning and late nights can take their toll on your skin, leaving it dull and tried. Invigorated your complexions with these skin-illuminating formulas designed to wake-up skin and restore radiance while preventing signs of aging before they appear. Our antioxidant-rich Energizing Pomegranate Complex™ provides continuous energy to skin, evens texture and tone, and restores freshness. Revive and recharge skin to reveal a vibrant, healthy glow with Murad Vitalic™

  Suncare (Ageless Protection)  
It’s more then SPF. Murad Age-Proof Suncare products protect skin from the sun and all of the other symptoms associated with exposure to the environment. Elements such as air pollution, wind and sun exposure can cause havoc on our skin leading to redness, dryness and free radical damage. Each and every Murad suncare product is developed to protect skin from all of those concerns. These revolutionary formulas feature antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Extract, our patented Skin Repair System with Co-3™, full-spectrum sunscreens plus anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients, to address all of the damaging affects of the environment.

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