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It's our goal to serve you better then any other nail salon. And who can tell us how to do that better then you? If you know of a particular item you would like us to add to our inventory, or if you have any ideas or comments on how we can improve our service, please call 408.260.9188 or write to us.

Below are what our clients are saying about us:

Charmaine J. (Santa Clara, CA) 07/10/2006
LaBella Spa is a very delightful spa. It is a change from the "normal" nail salon business.
The personnel is delightful and everyone is so very nice. You are treated as a very special person from the minute you walk in the door.

I receive a confirmation call prior to my appointment and the ambiance is very "calming".
I am very happy LaBella is my "spa" of choice.

Jilliane C. (Review Written in Yelp.com) 07/06/2006
"Just discovered this great place. I had heard about it from some friends at work that they have great services and it's very clean inside. I was a little nervous because it's a new place and all, but they were all so nice and friendly and super talented. I saw Dawn for my bikini/brows/underarms wax. My and Julie for my nails and pedicure. But you can try anyone there; they don't have a whole competitive ego thing there like some other salons. Oh, and the wax Dawn used was very gentle, I was even red at all."

Gracey A. (Review Written in Yelp.com) 07/06/2006
"I live just down the block from this salon and I have tried every salon in every corner (around the area). Funny because I found them through a San Jose Mercury new paper article about sanitize salons.
I have to say that this salon is by far the best salon I've been to. This place is clean, beautiful inside, and I witness that they clean the pedicure chair after each client. I mean really clean, sanitize, scrub and all. They definitely score major points in my books. Their prices are reasonable and they do an excellent job on my pedicure as well as my pink and white gel refills."

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 06/23/2006
Great Quality Service. This is not the typical nail salon. They really take their time on my manicure and pedicure. I also had one of their Murad Facial. That was one of the best facials I've ever had.

Cindy W. (Review Written in Yelp.com) 06/22/2006
"I've been to this place only twice but I'm a pedicure connosoiur. Their pedicures are really great from the cleaning to the polish, a wonderful experience. I want to try other services there too! They also do a lot of different nail designs.

Cindy W. (Review Written in Yelp.com) 06/21/2006
This place rocks!!!! My skin cleared up right after my facial. It was amazing. I had acne problems for a long time but after just one treatment, I felt that my acne have slowly disapeared. I also love how the wax didn't leave me red for hours!

GraceyGrace: By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 06/20/2006
I use to drive 20 miles away to get my nails done and I don't even know why I do it..but this place opened within great distance so I tried them out. I'm excited that I have found a place close by that is clean and does a great job on my pink/white gel refills and does a great pedicure. Not many place can do them well and I'm very happy I found this place.

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 06/20/2006
Pros: Convenient parking, conveniently located, relaxing atmosphere, very clean. Professional and friendly service.
Cons: reservations recommended - getting more and more popular.
Great place for hands and feet treatments as well as facial, waxing, and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Love the hands and feet massages that come with the manicure and pedicure..oh..and their mineral scrubs..ahahh..to die for..your sense will definitely be refresh after trying their services. I also enjoyed the facial. It was probably one of the BEST facials I have ever had. And the lash extensions...oh yah..baby..Fell asleep during the process, it was THAT relaxing. Not to mention my lashes are very beau..ti..ful! I LOVE them!!! I am due in for a touch up on everything in a couple of weeks, I can not wait!

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 06/18/2006
I am a hairstylist so for me to find a good nail salon is very hard, because I know what should be done and what should not be done. This one is the best that I have been to yet. They disinfect their tools after each client. The pedicure was wonderful. The pedicure lasted a full hour, maybe even a few minutes longer than an hour. The nail designs were some of the best I have ever seen. All the staff were very kind and nice. There was no foul odor when you walked in the salon, just a pleasant smell of the products used. I am recommending this nail salon to all my friends.

Dee J. (Review Written in Yelp.com) 06/09/2006
""This is my favorite place! The place is really REALLY nice and really clean. I can see that they sanitize everything. It has a relaxing environment. And their services? Let me go down the list as to what service I had done:

Manicure: I use Nailtiques Nail Protein on my nails as they are really weak. I had acrylics on for many years and had it taken off. Perhaps to let it breath a little. They use the Nailtiques nail protein on my nails. I love that!!!! They have a great collection of nail polishes - From OPI, Elizabeth Arden and Zoya!

Pedicure: Oh..goodness..I can feel my feet tingle when think of the next time I'm due for a pedicure! I love the scrub they use your feet and legs! It's a wonderful feeling. This place really doesn't rush through their services. My pedicure was an hour long. I've tried many many places and never really was happy with the any salon until now. Their pedicures are very different in a very good way. I also have tried their Signature Stone Pedicure and that was an amazing experience! The Stone massage is absolutely incredible.

Waxing: I just found out that this place uses Hard Waxes...for those who don't know what Hard Wax is, Hard Wax is very gentle on the skin, it's stripless so it's painless. I love that stuff. I lived in Southern California and when I moved here, I couldn't find any place in the area that performed with Hard Wax.

Facial: As good as their services are, I had to try out their facials. Well, I just have to say I wasn't a bit disappointed. The facial was gentle and very refreshing. I'm due in for a Microdermabrasion session with Dawn. I'm so looking forward to it. I'll let everyone know how that goes.

Bottom Line: This place ROCKS!!! Great Service and very friendly people, I highly recommend this place to anyone!""

Nhubs: By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 06/07/2006
Clean, new, and ultra-relaxing (as well as affordable)

Libramaran: By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 06/01/2006
This is definitely a 5 Star Salon! I have been to other places around the area like Santana Row, Los Gatos, Saratoga and I have tell everyone one that no other place compares to this place. This place is very clean place and the ambiance of the place is very nice. When you walk in this salon, youll be like WOW. This is beautiful. The spa chairs are amazing too! This place was so much more than I expected. I got a Signature Manicure, Stone Pedicure, a Facial, and a waxYUP!!! The whole works! I have to honestly say that I will be back for more!

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/31/2006
Received a gift certificate for Mother's Day and finally got a chance to use it over the long weekend. I used it on a Facial as I haven't had one in a long time. Wow, I came out and felt my face was so much lighter. They have a nice big mirror in the room and I saw my skin glowed. It was a nice feeling to have. Dawn was really gentle and I really enjoyed my facial. Will be back for another facial soon!

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/24/2006
My daughter bought me a gift certificate for Mother's Day. I just had a chance to use it. I had a stone pedicure and this is the best pedicure I've ever had. I have to say that I'm very impress with service and cleaniness of this place. The lady took her time on my massage, it wasn't a rush rush type of service. Very very very nice.....and relaxing.

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/20/2006
This place gives a great manicure and pedicure, worth every penny of my money. Relaxing environment and great customer service.

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/19/2006
OH MY GODNESS...LADIES....I had the best pedicure ever. This place rocks!!!! I walked in after a day of shopping with my girlfriends, my feet were absolutely sore.... when I sat down on the most comfortable pedicure chairs, I was offered something to drink, I even had rose petals in my water...It was really nice. I felt like queen sitting on those chairs. I also had the best foot massage ever. It's better than a lomi lomi foot massage. It was amazing. When the lady was done with my feet, they felt so refresh, so relaxing, and so light. I was ready for another round of shopping!!!! I highly recommend this place to everyone. It's worth every penny! It's truly heaven of earth.....

By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/15/2006
My daughter took me here for manicure and pedicure on mother's day, not only this place is pleasant, I had the BEST manicure and pedicure ever. I truly enjoyed it! Definitely will be back!

Dljtrue: By a Yahoo! Local user (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/10/2006
The place is absolutely amazing! When you walk in to this salon, there's no odor and any funny smelling fumes. In fact it smells wonderful! The place is super clean and the ambiance of the place is very relaxing. And talk about their amazing pedicure chairsyou just got to see it for yourself. My girlfriend and I had the La Bella Signature Pedicure and it was the most amazing experiences ever. Oh and they have the Stone Pedicure which Ive heard is also amazing! The feet felt light and very very relaxing. We can't wait to go back!

Gracey *. (Review Written in Yahoo.com) 05/XX/2006
I can't even describe in words how good their pedicures are. I have tried them twice already. I had their Signature Pedicure and oh my goodness...it felt soooo gooooodd... I also came back for the Stone Pedicure..and...I love that too! Oh..and they also did a great job on my nails..Pink and White Gell refills baby..and they also did an amazing job. Both My and Juli rock! I am a repeat customer.....Oh...one more thing..other places..rush you through a technician line..like you're a product but here they take their time with you. And their place is absolutely amazing, the place is clean, smells wonderful and I love their pedicure chairs...and it's NOT a whirlpool..so rest assure you be getting your money's worth. They have a commitment to cleanliness so don’t worry..you’re be happy at here. Try them out, you’ll see.

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